California Judo Inc.

State Governing Body for Judo


Checklist (pdf)

[   ] Official Online Entry Form - one must be completed for each category entered.


[   ] Copy of National Card - current USJF, USJA or USJI card or proof of current membership of foreign National Federation and proof of medical insurance.


[   ] Proof of Age - copy of a government issued birth certificate or passport,  driver’s license can be use as proof of age.


[   ] Copy of Black Belt Certificate - or copy of instructor’s Black Belt Certificate

(The name must be same instructor as signed on Certificate Regarding Contestant’s Ability form).


pdf - Printable Forms

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  • Consent for Competition Bracket Change
  • Signed by Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) of contestants under 18 years of age.
  •  Certificate Regarding Contestant’s Ability - signed by judo instructor.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act


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  •  Warning, Waiver and Release of Liability and Agreement to Participate Signed by Contestant and Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) of contestants under age 18